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By | November 11, 2019

How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account

Like Gmail and Hotmail, Yahoo mail is another email service provider owned by its parent company, Yahoo. This email service was introduced to the world in 1997, and by the end of 2011, it had 281 million users from across the globe.

Not only it offers you to send and receive emails on your account but it also provides unlimited message storage, customization, email search, virus scanning, and spam blockers. In 2007, the company also launched the feature to switch between three communication modes – e-mail, chat, and text messages.

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The email account has become a necessity in today’s world. Whether you are a professional, a student, or just a stay-at-home parent, having an email account is important as any other thing. While we have so many other options to communicate, emails will always be a professional medium.

So, if you have already decided Yahoo Mail as your email service provider, let’s go through a step-to-step guide as to how to create a Yahoo Mail account.

Steps to Creating a Yahoo Mail Account

  • Launch a web browser

Launch the browser and type ‘’ in the address bar.


  • Create Account

Once the website is opened, click the ‘Create Account’ tab at the bottom of the sign in box.


  • Enter details

The tab will take you to a page with a form. Fill in your information along with an email address you wish to use and a strong password to open your account later. As far as the domain extension is concerned, the only is available now.

However, there can be a different local domain, like, but then, you have to be extra careful while giving out your account address. Once you have entered your information in all the fields, click ‘Continue.’.


  • Verification

You will be asked to verify your phone number in order to get a verification code. Once you verify your mobile number, a verification code will be sent to you. Type that code on your computer screens and click ‘Verify’.

  • Done

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Yahoo Mail account. Now can you can easily send or receive an email, letters, or whatever you want.

Once you are done, you are now free to modify default settings and upload your account picture. Moreover, you also have an option to change your name or nickname that appears on the top of the page.

This name is likely visible to other Yahoo users. This way, you can your Yahoo identity throughout.

Why Yahoo Mail?

Having a Yahoo Mail account is definitely an advantage. First, you can have a free account that too with 1 TB of free storage. That is indeed a huge amount of space to store your important message even from the past.

Another unique feature is that it lets you handle other email accounts, like Gmail or Hotmail, from within the Yahoo Mail account, and if you are on your vacation mode, you can send auto-replies as well.

It also has a Yahoo Mail Basic version which is simpler in nature. Moreover, you are not just bound to send or receive emails – you also have other features, like Yahoo Calendar.

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