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By | November 11, 2019

Quick Guide To Rediff Login

There are several web portals that people use for the purpose of entertainment, information, to get updated about world affairs and to get connected with each other. Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc are few examples of such web portals and email services. Likewise, was introduced in 1996 with the same services. In this article, we will discuss the features of Rediff mail login.

RediffMail Login Page:

The rediff portal was launched in 1996 by Indians. It discharges services like entertainment, news, email and online shopping too. It is a public company and has its head quarter in Mumbai, India. Initially, it has its branches in Delhi and Bangalore. Also, they initiated their business internationally by having an office in New York.
When Rediff was launched, it started its business with two products; online shopping and email login services. Later, they kept expanding their business from time to time. This web portal gained popularity among users and currently, in 2019, it has been ranked as 33rd among all the web portals in India. Though its primary medium of communication is English yet, it provides the option of several Indian languages to be chosen for sending emails.

RediffMail Account Login:

However, not all web portals are free to use. Some websites and email portals charge some fee to use it. While going through several websites, for searching the relevant required data, we often reached to some websites that ask us to pay if we want to get registered or to have access to certain articles. RediffMail is free for its users. You can get registered and get your login free of cost. Further, the company has launched its application for smart phones. This app is free to download as well. As per the recent estimation, has granted 96 million people its login access.

How to Get Registered on RediffMail:

Like other web portals and email service providers, a person needs to follow a specific procedure to get the login ID and password of First, you have to get registered at the portal. It will ask to provide several general details like full name, age, and gender and phone number. Then, you will pick your username and password. After getting registered, you can use your chosen username and password to login. One you get logged in, you can send and receive email on easily. The process of registration is very simple and hassle-free. It will take a few minutes to have your personal login access.


Recover RediffMail Emails:

Sometimes, we delete some important emails mistakenly. RediffMail has a recovery option. All you need to do is to go at “deleted email folder”. In this folder, all the deleted emails are stored, unless you empty that folder by yourself. From the deleted email folder, click on the email you want to recover. They will ask you to select the folder where you want to move that email. Simply choose the folder and you will have your important email back.

How To Delete RediffMail Account?

Generally, it happens when a person get registered more than once and has several login Ids. Or, a person may want to delete his account as he seems to never us his account again. In such situations, the process of deleting an account should be known. As per the policy of Rediff, a person can never delete his account as for sudden. The only method is to deactivate the account and the account will be deleted after 3 months of continuous deactivation. Else, the login Ids that remain inactive for years will also be deleted automatically. Therefore, there is no way to delete your account suddenly as the only method is to deactivate the account and wait for 3 months.

How to Forward RediffMail Emails to Gmail?

The process of forwarding your emails from Rediffmail login to Gmail is very simple. Log in your account got to the setting and select the option “forward emails”. When you select this option, the browser will ask you to enter the email address you want to forwards emails to. Type your Gmail ID and choose the option “start forwarding”.

Further, you will have options of retaining a copy at Rediff inbox or deleting all emails after forwarding. The “undo” option is available as well.

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