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By | November 27, 2019

Google Photos Login - The Perfect Solution for Storing Your Visual Content

Why Google Photos Login is necassary for everyone? Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. From communication to storing the brightest and happiest moments of our lives, everything has now been reliant on a smartphone. Every day we live for moments that will make us look at the past with joy and amazement and this is why smartphones have amazing cameras. This makes us have a perfect look at our best moments and the joyous rides we have been through.

But the challenge is to store it all in the phones that are limited in capacity. This is where your cloud management comes in. And the perfect choice to make it happen is Google Photos. Just like you use Google Drive to save all your data, you can use Google Photos to save all your photos.

What is Google Photos?

Google has been one of the best service providers is cloud storage and internet services. One Gmail Login can get you to a million things and one of those is Google Photos. This is a photo-sharing and storage service that was launched by Google in 2015. It is considered to be a perfect solution for all your photo storage needs. With multiple features that enhance your ability to manage your photos, it is one of the highest-ranked photo storage services.

Features of Google Photos

  • Free storage

    Google photos were launched in 2015 and are used to store photos, screenshots, and videos that exist on your phone. It is available for both iOS and Android users. You can get unlimited space when you use the google photos app but that may only be when using the option of "high quality" as opposed to what the original quality might be. This means those large files are compressed to save space unless your account's settings say otherwise. The resolution limit for photos is 16MP, whereas videos are compressed to 1080p. If you prefer to keep the original resolution of photos you can get up to 15 GB of free storage space on login. After that, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription plan that is $ 1.99/month for 100 GB.

  • Complete Photo management

    Even though google drive and other such cloud storage have made the world a better place, we still face the problem of manages all these thousands of pictures. This is what Google intends to achieve with Google photos, a complete photo management solution for the people who want to save every moment of their life. This is an automated way to find exactly what photo you maybe be looking for. Even if you have 10,000 photos it will help you find the exact photo you are looking for.

  • Automatic Backup

    Well, with Google Photos on your phone you can have the peace of mind that your photos are being automatically backed up in this storage facility and no matter what happens to your devices your photos will be safe for as long as you want.

  • Always Available

    This storage service can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and any device. Even it could be accessed from the device while you are offline. This is a feature that can bring ease to your photo management.

  • Other features

    There is a robust search option that will allow you to search for objects in pictures like "apple" or "cake", this is very handy if your pictures aren't sorted in albums. It allows you to manually set names to faces in pictures then it can automatically identify those specific faces if you search for them. If you wish to backup photographs that are hard copies one can simply use the scan option

How to Login to Google Photos on Web

  • Step 1: Google Photos Login

    Go to to access this photo storage and management services.

  • Step 2: Requirements

    It will require your Gmail Login Id to get you the access

  • Step 3: Gmail Login

    Input your Gmail sign in credentials and click on next.

  • Step 4: Google Drive Synchronization

    Select back up photos and videos, then click next.

  • Step 5:Saving Pictures

    Choose the folder where you saved pictures from your google photos account.

How to Login to Google Photos on Android

  • Downloading

    Download the Google Photos App from Google play store to get access to it. The app is free of charge.

  • Step 2: Gmail Sign in

    Open the app, It will require your Gmail Sign In to get you through.

  • Step 3: Management From Mobile

    Once you have signed in it will be available on your phone and you can manage all the photos in the app.

  • Step 4: Google Drive Synchronization

    Don't forget to sync Google Drive. You can find it in the settings of the app. Once you have synced Google Drive with this app you can have your photos backed up on the cloud storage and can access from wherever you want and whenever you want.

How to Login to Google Photos on iOS

  • Feature Item 1

    Download the Google Photos App From App Store. It is free of charge here as well.

  • Step 2: Gmail Credentials

    Open the app and enter your Gmail Login Credentials to access the app.

  • Step 3: All Photos

    Get all the photos on the app.

  • Step 4: Synchronization

    Just like the android sync the app with Google Drive and that way you can upload all the photos on the Gmail Drive. It is almost similar to the Google Photos Login on Android.

Google Photos has solved the storage problems and now taking millions of photos is not a problem. Not even from the sense of storage and not even from the sense of management. So when are you getting to this storage service?


Find photos
  1. On your computer, go to
  2. On the left, click Photos .
  3. Scroll down to see all of your photos.

Get started with Google Photos – Computer – Google Photos Help

To store higher quality photos, there is an option to use Google Drive storage, which charges a monthly fee after 15 gigabytes — $1.99 a month for 100 GB and $9.99 a month for 1 terabyte. Once photos are uploaded to the app, they are stored across all of a user’s mobile devices

The price you’ll pay for Google’s free photo storage – MarketWatch

Google Photos. Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It was announced in May 2015 and separated from Google+, the company’s social network. Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution.

Google Photos – Wikipedia

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