ZTE Axon 30 Camera

This giant ZTE Axon 30 camera module, though not thick – but it gives a gimmick that seems to tell users their camera is powerful enough. Unfortunately, the resulting image is not very interesting. First of all it has an inconsistent problem, probably because the artificial intelligence system is not great enough at processing the captured images. The details can be well preserved, but the color is sometimes not so great and satisfying.

The same goes for the selfie camera, although it looks unique to be able to use the screen as a whole – but with the picture results so bad on a level we can’t forgive. This is where we say ZTE values ​​innovation over quality. See the sample below that we compared with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Xiaomi Mix 4.

The direct image is not sharp and looks soft. Significant blooming when there is a bright light source is also clearly visible. In this situation we felt it was better that the bottom -of -screen selfie camera was not hidden better as on Fold3 than to digest the picture quality which was directly unsatisfactory.

While we applaud this device it supports high quality audio accessories, which is the best alternative after the absence of LG devices. But the speakers are mono, unbalanced and unsatisfactory. Undoubtedly the quality is quite strong and loud, but for devices over RM2000 – it’s a hard thing we accept.

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Is it worth it?

According to our sources, ZTE Malaysia will be selling this device soon. Probably around the end of October at a price of around RM2599. With a price like this, it is quite expensive considering; that devices with Snapdragon 870 chips are widely sold at affordable prices. Even under RM2000 can be obtained. With a price like this, the Vivo X60 which is sold at RM2499, we would say is more worth it.

But back to the usage experience. If you want to feel like a device with a bottom-screen camera; that completely hides the camera and provides a good viewing experience-this is for you. But if a selfie camera is still important to you, the camera of this ZTE android is not for you and should choose the other only. You have to choose, do you want innovation or do you want quality?

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