Xiaomi Pad 5

The Xiaomi Pad 5 is a tablet that I could see many excited about when it was launched in a global event and also its launch in Malaysia last week. I’m sure this excitement happened because it’s the first tablet launched by Xiaomi for a long time, the design is very beautiful and the specifications are very impressive.

This excitement is aided by the device being sold at a price that does not clutter the pockets of consumers who have been synonymous with Xiaomi since the beginning of their introduction to the world of smart devices again. So is this the Android tablet of choice for 2021 or is the default option still an iPad? This is a brief Amanz review for the Xiaomi Pad 5.

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Usage And Software

MIUI android for Pad is used on this tablet based on Android 11. It is MIUI 12 modified to be used on tablets better. Among the changes made is the taskbar at the bottom for the most frequently accessed applications.

Let’s start first with the positive things about the MIUI Pad. There is support for launching two applications simultaneously. With a large screen launching two apps at once doesn’t make the screen look checkered. There is also a feature to launch the app in a small window; for those who want to use it floating. Xiaomi only provides support for ONE floating app at a time.

The back panel is made of plastic panels but has a slope color finish; whose color changes according to the reflection of light. It does look very beautiful and sexy. It also gets bonus points for not trapping dirt easily.

The Xiaomi Smart Pen stylus can be used on the screen of the device and can also be stored via a magnetic connection to the side of the body. I will discuss the performance of this stylus in its own segment below.

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