Xiaomi Pad 5 Benchmark

Xiaomi Pad 5 Benchmark show that in the Geekbench 5 test, the Snapdragon 860 chip used by the device recorded 656/2701 marks and in the Antutu 3D test it recorded 573,655 marks. This is the score that places the Pad 5 as the best affordable flagship class device on the market to date.

The first 3D like COD Mobile can be played at high settings with a stable 60 FPS frame rate. The first 2D directly does not cause the device to overheat. In the first Genshin Impact test can be run stably at medium settings. High settings at this time can make the Snapdragon 888 cry while the Snapdragon 860.
Xiaomi Smart Pen Stylus

The Xiaomi Smart Pen is Xiaomi’s answer to the Samsung S Pen and Apple Pencil. In terms of design it’s a comfortable stylus in the hand faucet it has the same dimensions as a real pencil. The pen point also has the ability to detect 4096 pressure resistant. With bluetooth tethering support, the Smart Pen can be used as a remote control when doing a presentation but cannot control the camera as on the Galaxy Note series.

Drawing on the screen is comfortable only I realize there is a bit of latent time before what is sketched is displayed on the screen. It’s noticeable considering I’ve been using the S Pen and Apple Pencil for years. Smart Pen recharging is done with a magnetic connection. The stylus is not actually connected firmly to the body of the tablet. So we recommend before being taken for a walk, the stylus is stored elsewhere first to prevent it from slipping out.

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China Ver

In China, a desktop PC mode (similar to the Samsung DeX) is included but not on global devices. Users can do the installation themselves using the APK but the app still has some bugs. There are applications like YouTube that cannot be used in full screen. Netflix, on the other hand, cannot display content at all. Perhaps these issues are causing desktop mode not to be included with the Global ROM.

Desktop mode also doesn’t seem to be cooked enough, not salted enough. I tried projecting the Pad 5 screen to an Android TV and Chromecast with Google TV owned but to no avail. Strange because this is a no -problem feature done from other Android devices reviewed previously. USB-C to HDMI connection is also not possible. Television enriches no signal can be detected. This issue was also reported by other fellow commentators such as Nasi Lemak Tech.

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