Xiaomi Mi 9T

Xiaomi to this day is no stranger to selling their smartphones at relatively cheap prices and one of them is Xiaomi Mi 9T. The smartphone that is changing people’s perception of Xiaomi devices is, the Pocophone F1. This is because this device has the pinnacle specifications but is sold at the price of a middle class device.

Xiaomi continues this legacy with the Redmi K20 device or for the global market the Xiaomi Mi 9T. This device is in the category of middle class android, but has many features like a landmark device. This is our review.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T has a 6.39-inch screen size, AMOLED panel and uses a full frameless screen design without notches. Dare I say that the Mi 9T’s AMOLED panel is better than the Xiaomi Mi 8. When the screen is closed, it doesn’t look like the gray color that happens on the Mi 8, but its black color has a pretty dark hue.

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When the screen is turned on, the first glance alone is already positive and shows a lot of good things. The first is sufficient brightness and a fairly sharp color, yet full of details. Most Xiaomi mid -range devices typically don’t have relatively good brightness, but the Mi 9T has satisfactory brightness. As for color, HDR content on YouTube shows very sharp colors. Then, the details are very good and have amazing quality.

I use this device to watch a lot of serial dramas on Netflix, and I use this device more times than the OnePlus 7 Pro. Why? First, the screen of the device is not of the curved type and when zoomed to fill the screen, the video content is not cropped much. Then, the screen of this device also provides a very immersive viewing experience.

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