Xiaomi Mi 9T Camera

Apart from performance, a Xiaomi Mi 9T camera is also an important aspect in owning a device. Most users want a great camera, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. So a device like the Mi 9T is an option, just is it a smart choice? The Mi 9T’s main camera is a tri-lens that combines a 48MP main lens + 8MP telephoto lens and a 13MP ultra-wide lens.

The android camera settings are on trend right now, I’m so thankful for that. The results of the pictures taken are satisfactory. The HDR color can be said to be a bit faded, but not too faded and the colors available are quite sharp. Then, the details in each picture are excellent. The results of the ultra-wide lens and zoom are a bit disappointing. The color is already good, but the details are less than satisfactory. However, the portrait results are quite good. But it will only be good when the focus is right. Otherwise, the blur results are uneven.

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As for the selfie camera, the recording results are satisfactory. Especially portrait images. Then the normal mode, it has a satisfactory color. Night mode, on the other hand, is pretty good, just doesn’t have high expectations. Overall, the Mi 9T’s camera is many times better than the Pocophone F1’s camera.

For video footage, I’m not very fond of it. Xiaomi’s mid -range devices do often have unsatisfactory video results. It has no OIS, the results are less than satisfactory. Then IG Story is definitely still unrepaired and has a 3GP -like recording result. he fingerprint scanner, on the other hand, is the bottom of the screen type, it’s pretty fast – but often fails. To me so far for 2019, the OnePlus has the fastest fingerprint scanner and the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the most accurate.

The overall camera score is 8/10.

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