Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Performance

The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE performance of this device is not as great as I expected. It’s supposed to be powerful and satisfying, but in my experience of using it-it’s just mediocre. The clichéd performance is found on a middle class device. On the main screen of the device, a slight time delay is felt when scrolling left to right and right to left. Opening the application also feels slow and directly unsatisfactory. My first solution was to change the third party launcher. From here, performance is seen to improve. The launcher I chose was Hyperion. Most likely, MIUI is still not better optimized to run on devices with Snapdragon 712.

Next, first. Playing for the first time on a Xiaomi android is one of the most important things. Although I rarely play first, but good performance and playing experience is a must. The first one I often play is Asphalt 9. The performance is amazing, especially with the help of the first mode built into MIUI 10. There are no performance issues when playing first, everything runs normally.

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For security performance, I tested based on the speed of the device being unlocked using the fingerprint scanner below the screen. It uses the optical type and to me it is a bit slow. But it’s often successful and rarely fails to track my fingers, so it’s not in the disappointing category. It’s enough for my wishes. Face -based unlocking is selfie camera -based and unsafe. Just by snooping, the device continues to be unlocked. It’s like unlocking a device using intent.

The Xiaomi benchmark test I did was using AITuTu, AnTuTu and even Geekbench 4 apps. AITuTu was to test the greatness of the artificial intelligence system built into this device, Mi 9SE scored 52,738. For AnTuTu, after several tests – the score received was 177,568. This score is in the top 50. Surprisingly, it is below the Redmi Note 7. Last but not least is the Geekbench 4 test, which got a single-core score of 1873 and a multi-core score of 5766. If you compare the score of this device with the OnePlus 5T in the Geekbench database, the OnePlus 5T is much more powerful .

The performance score of this device I give is only 6/10.

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