Xiaomi Device Interface

Like any other Xiaomi device interface, it runs MIUI. The MIUI version on this device is MIUI 10.2. Not many perks for this device. It’s a cliché with any other Xiaomi device. But I still love the MIUI 10 on this Mi 9 SE.

Among the reasons are, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 are the first two Xiaomi devices to come with MIUI 10 that has a stable deep dark theme mode. With a Super AMOLED display, the dark theme mode on this device is really captivating. Next up is the Always-On Color Display support. If on the previous Xiaomi Mi 8 it was not included, the Mi 9 SE is now included. There aren’t many Always-On Display settings that can be done, but the design is given a lot of options.

The Always-On Display on this device is a type that moves from time to time and it also changes color according to the selected design. This is to prevent screen burn-in issues from occurring. To see what the MIUI 10 interface looks like with the dark theme mode along with other features, can see the images below that I have included.

The interface score is 9/10. I love using MIUI, because it’s easy and simple.

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As I said in the ‘Battery’ paragraph earlier, Xiaomi considers the Mi 9 SE to be a small flagship android. So it is premium and great. On the front is a screen with Gorilla Glass 5 cover with a small notch. The earpiece is at the top of a notch hidden in the frame of the device. Below the front there is a chin which on me is not very thick.

Turning to the back, there is a very thick camera bulge and a sign that the user’s money will be easily depleted, the deck due to repairing a broken camera. The bulge of the camera is very high and if dropped, it will break. The back panel is Ocean Blue glass. It’s not a clichéd slope color, but has a mirror finish and a bit of green/rainbow. Under the camera bulge is an LED flash and on the bottom back of the device there is the Xiaomi logo.

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