Xiaomi 11T series

Recently, Xiaomi has come up with a ‘hand piece’ through the introduction of the Xiaomi 11T series. The series that was introduced this time managed to attract attention and become the mouthpiece of many who are now relentlessly talking about it. There are two models introduce namely Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro. Xiaomi has sold nearly 800 million units of smartphones since the beginning of its introduction around 2011, making it one of the fastest growing brands in the mobile device market.

What is interesting about the series this time is that both are among the earliest models from Xiaomi; that no longer use the “Mi” branding as done on a number of devices before. The introduction of this smart device allows Xiaomi; to once again try to compete in the affordable device segment of the market. In addition, it is also place in the product category of choice of consumers; who want a device with good camera capabilities.

Apart from that, both also feature a number of similar aspects both in terms of internal and external supply. However, this review article will focus more on the Xiaomi 11T model. To see how great it is in the real world; let’s share almost two weeks of usage experience for this smart device.

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Like two similar moths, that’s what can be said of this Xiaomi android when it has a completely similar design to the Xiaomi 11T Pro. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish between the two models, especially when placed side by side.

Xiaomi 11T can be said to be among the devices that are interesting to look at, balanced and even able to create its own elements. It is highlight with a curve back panel, making it comfortable to grip despite having a relatively large body size. However, the back panel without any texture feels a bit slippery; and is very easy to trap fingerprint dirt when not using any protective accessories.

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