Wiko Power U20 Design Quality

Wiko Power U20 Design Quality – It has become a habit, every time a review article will start with a physical design first. The Wiko Power U20 carries a plastic -based rear construction or its scientific name polycarbonate. Even so, it still looks pretty good in a shimmery finish. The back panel is also seen giving a bit of light reflection that is interesting to look at. Only, there is no change in terms of color appearance that results through it.

For information, the review unit received is the Wiko Power U20 in Slate Gray color. For other options, there is also the Wiko Power U20 in a cheerful color shade of Navy Blue which is able to add an exclusive touch to a casual design. If you want something different, the Wiko Power U20 in Mint color feels more appropriate because its appearance looks more prominent with the writing “Let’s Power-Up” which is quite large. Each of the color finishes provide is suitable only to be style by women or men. In fact, it is also easily adapt to match various types of clothing. In addition, it is also able to meet the tastes of the wearer who wants the appearance to look relaxed.

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Important Element

Undoubtedly, the Wiko Power U20 has an important element in terms of comfort. Why? This is due to its good and strong body shape – at the same time making it comfortable to hold. In addition, the design is ergonomic and not too heavy or thick – also helps in adding more comfort and a better grip experience. Overall, it is a good smart android, neat and has a satisfactory build quality. Only, the back panel feels a little slippery and so easily traps fingerprint dirt. However, this problem can be overcome with the free silicone frame provide in the purchase box.