Vivo Y20s Review Conclusion

Vivo Y20s Review Conclusion – What we can conclude here, the Vivo Y20s does indeed have a good look. It looks beautiful and elegant in a class of its own. But, you have to compromise on its performance. Reason, it is only suitable for normal use. Suppose, you who do not use a smartphone often.

However, we actually still have a number of other model options that are more worthwhile. For example like Xiaomi and Realme. But, we also already know which Vivo android really has its own target and fan group. So, the choice is in your own hands. Be a wise consumer and determine the needs first before buying.

For those interested in getting the Vivo Y20s, it is sold at RM899 per unit. Available in two color options namely Obsidian Black and Purist Blue, it can be purchased through a number of different platforms including Vivo, Shopee, Lazada online stores as well as a number of their authorized distributors.

However, the story is different with the results of pictures in low light. The result of the picture looks dark and the color also looks less bright. In addition, the details on the images are also seen as unsatisfactory. Add even more frustration when the light source in some cases is seen to be too bright.

In terms of video functionality, the Vivo Y20s only presents footage with the highest resolution of 1080p at 30fps. Besides, it also doesn’t have any support for stabilization.

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Vivo Y20s is supplied with the same battery capacity as Vivo Y20 which is 5,000mAh. Through it, it managed to record a good Screen-On-Time reading of around 8 hours for all-day use.

But, what is being debated by many is its connection port. Where, it is a kind of microUSB that is arguably a bit outdated for the time being. Meanwhile, a number of other competitors in the same class have already started racing to use the USB-C connection.

For recharging, the Vivo Y20s relies on an 18W charging which is better than the Vivo Y20. Through it, it can fully charge the battery of this smartphone in about 2 hours more.