Vivo V21 Software Quality

Vivo V21 Software Quality – Like I said earlier, Vivo is getting smarter in software development. I started noticing this since the Vivo X50 again. But started using it fully on the Vivo X60 Pro a few months ago. As a user who loves native Android, Funtouch OS tries to follow in Oppo’s footsteps through Color OS. Many heavy theme elements were removed and replaced with lighter themes. Then many native Android elements are included to be more suitable for use by global users.

Even so, Vivo still wants to focus on the results of their efforts, namely their own applications that are already built-in.

If MIUI 12 and Color OS 11, Google’s apps are used for phone calls and messaging, Vivo still uses their own apps. Users are still given the option to download the app from the Play Store and replace the Vivo standalone app with an app of their own choice.

Additional interesting features on the existing Funtouch OS such as Jovi, EasyShare, gesture control, and more are still retained. On the device settings section, it’s still annoying because it’s not organized. Of all the Android third -party launchers, Funtouch OS is among the most fibrous in my opinion. Other brands are more structured and can be said to provide a more or less similar experience.

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The Data Transfer Performance

This device has no serious problems in telephone, regardless of the use of phone calls or mobile data. Unlike many Poco and Redmi devices with more or less the same chip but having WiFi and data issues. The audio quality of a voice call is obvious, but I’m not particularly fond of being in a long call session. Because the design is too thin and such a flat is not very comfortable.

On GPS performance, however, the time taken to lock the location is a little slower than usual. It also varies by application. On Google Maps it works fine. On the Waze app the time taken becomes longer. Then when wanting to share location via WhatsApp for example, it takes longer than the two GPS applications earlier. This is disappointing as the Vivo V21 supports all major geolocation systems namely GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS and Galileo. Other middle-class devices we’ve reviewed are able to show the exact location in a shorter and more consistent time.