The Oppo Reno Series

The Oppo Reno series is a new smartphone series from Oppo which is now one of their main focuses along with the Oppo Find series. With the presence of this Oppo Reno as well, the Oppo R series is officially terminated. What is interesting with this Oppo Reno series is, in one series there are many models and categories. For example in Malaysia there are two; The Oppo Reno is in the premium middle class category and the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is in the flagship android family.

This article is a review article of the Oppo Reno, which is their premium mid -range device. There are many positive things about this device, however not all devices are perfect and these imperfect things are things that many do not like. The Oppo Reno is in the mid -premium device category because of its selling price, its building materials and even its camera. Is it worth owning? Let’s read to the end and think, if this is the smartphone you want.

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The screen size of this device is 6.4 ″ and the panel used is AMOLED on-cell. Large size, beautiful and charming. Powering this device is a Snapdragon 710 processor chip with an Adreno 616 GPU. For the Malaysian market, it is matched with 6GB of RAM memory and 256GB of internal storage. The memory settings on this device are quite adequate and already quite powerful. The Oppo Reno does not have any memory card slots.

To me that’s not a problem, because 256GB is a big size. Plus the age of streaming a variety of content online and the use of cloud storage, 256GB is more than enough. The Oppo Reno camera is just a 48MP + 5MP lens. As always, the small size is a depth sensor. The selfie camera is a 16MP pop-up camera system with a 5P lens.

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