The Oppo A95

The Oppo A95 is another new device from Oppo under the A series. Among the main selling points highlighted by Oppo through this device is a large 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging. It also has a memory capacity of 8GB of RAM with virtual RAM support reaching 5GB. One more thing, the beautiful design with a spacious display is also an included bonus. But, what else do you need to know about this smartphone? With a price tag of RM1,099, is it worth it for you to have one? We will tell in a brief review article below.

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Design & finish

The Oppo A95 comes with a polycarbonate -based body construction with a relatively rough matte finish on the back. We received the Oppo A95 unit in a Glowing Rainbow Silver color finish. It is quite interesting because it looks quite cheerful, relaxed and pleasing to the eye. You will also notice a slight reflection of light like a rainbow that adorns the evening sky when it is viewed from various angles. Plus interestingly, this panel is not too slippery and fingerprint dirt is also practically almost invisible. Even so, if you prefer something that looks simple. You can probably choose the Oppo A95 in a Glowing Starry Black colored finish adorned with all -black tones.

The experience of holding the device certainly feels comfortable. It is quite light and thin. Then, the design on all four curved sides also makes it comfortable when how many in hand. However, this design is actually still not perfect enough. Why? This is due to the construction of the camera that is still out of the body. It also results in the device not being able to be placed properly on a table or flat surface. We are also sure the use of the Oppo android without any protection is quite dangerous. The reason is, it is definitely easy to scratch if not taken care of properly.

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