TCL Plex Operating System

The TCL Plex operating system used is TCL UI, which is their distinctive interface. It’s based on Android 9.0 Pie, and the operating system has too many fat apps. Thankfully most of it is disposable which was the first thing we did when receiving this device. Overall, the TCL UI is close to native Android – but still has overly vibrant icons and color combinations.

For the fat app earlier, the one that was not successfully removed was the Support Center. It is a hub for customer service. Inside there is a user manual, contact customer service, diagnose the device and even check the details of the device. Here are some other functions built into this device.

This android OS works well and is simple only. It is not so difficult to understand and in just a few hours, all the intricacies of the functions/features/settings of the sidah device can be memorized and understood. While not having great performance, the benchmark score on this device looks quite good. The score received through AnTuTu is over 200K and for Geekbench 5 it shows a score that is not disappointing. If you are confused as to why the score is good but the usage experience is not, this is because the benchmark score is only from simulation and not actual usage in the real world.

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The screen is good, the performance is mediocre and the camera is disappointing-what about the audio? TCL PLEX uses a mono speaker system. It’s not very strong and it’s fine. The quality is at an acceptable level but unsatisfactory. This is because, this device is for video watching entertainment. If the screen alone is good, but the audio isn’t satisfactory – it’s an incomplete thing for an entertainment -focused device.

Fortunately, the speaker when set at the maximum sound level it does not break and is still balanced. Maybe that’s why it’s not so strong? The speakers have less bass, so when watching action videos that have a lot of explosions or shots – the rumble doesn’t quite make it feel interesting.

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