TCL PLEX Battery

The TCL PLEX battery is only 3820mAh which for an entertainment device, it should be 4000mAh and above. Although not reaching 4KmAh, the SOT achieved on this device is in excess of 6 Hours a day. These 6 Hours a day are streaming only, and not yet fully watching videos offline. The battery life of the TCL PLEX is fine and satisfactory. The fast charging system is 18W based on Quick Chrage 3.0, which is an outdated fast charging system. The shoe can charge from 0% -50% in thirty minutes. But in the tests we did, it took a little more time. From 0% -100% is approaching 2 hours.

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The main camera of this device uses a three -lens system that combines a 48MP main lens + 16MP ultra wide angle lens + 2MP lens to help video recording be of better quality. Great device on screen only, because the camera quality is really bad. Very disappointing and downright poor quality. The result of the image when the picture is taken directly without changing any settings is so soft for a human picture. Then, the details are also unattractive and when turning off the beauty mode – the quality is slightly better but downright unsatisfactory.

For ultra wide angle quality is fine, but will only have good quality if in good light conditions. The camera on the TCL android, on the other hand, has a fairly significant focus problem. What we noticed was, the focus would run away when the atmosphere didn’t have enough light. For pictures in low light conditions, although there is a distinctive night mode – the quality is very poor. Too much noise, poor quality, broken pictures and straightforward details running out.

The selfie camera is 24MP and it has much better quality than the rear camera. The selfie results are neat and acceptable. But sometimes, the light in the background is too exposed and makes the picture as if there are no details for the background. While there are many negatives to the TCL PLEX camera, there are pros as well in terms of software. The TCL PLEX camera app can display views from all lenses simultaneously and users only need to press one of the displays to go directly to the camera mode.

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