Xiaomi 11T Night Mode

Xiaomi 11T Night Mode

Xiaomi 11T Night mode shots on the device are also commendable. Through side -by -side testing with the pro version, the capture results on this device are more satisfactory especially in terms of its color reproduction. Where, it is seen to be able to handle most low lighting situations denfan very well.

Although there is no OIS support and the ISP is from MediaTek, the Xiaomi 11T does have an eye -pleasing quality. For the record, night mode is also available on the main and ultrawide cameras, as well as at the 2x zoom level.

Video recording capabilities are at a satisfactory level. The result is acceptable in terms of focus, color and stability. Noise is still visible, but acceptable. The audio is also good and it is then further highlighted with the Audio Zoom function which is very helpful in video recording for vlog or sharing on social media. Not to be outdone, it also has a telemacro recording function that can be used for close -range video recording. The result is also very good for a device like this.

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The Xiaomi 11T is supply with a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh. It also supports 67W wire fast charging to ensure this large battery can be recharge in no time. Xiaomi advertises that this charging technology is capable of fully recharging the Xiaomi android in just 36 minutes.

However, the claim seems unfound when our user experience find that a full charge can be make in around 55 minutes with 3%battery remaining. We also test it for the second time and the result was around 53 minutes with 8%battery remaining. For your information, we use the charger head and cable provided in the packaging box.

Next, the battery endurance performance can be say to be quite satisfactory. Xiaomi 11T recorded SoT readings of more than 9 hours for extreme use. Next, it can also reach over 11 hours of its site in moderate use. However, all of this also depends on your own usage.

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