Pixel 3a XL Speakers

Pixel 3a XL Speakers

Like the previous Google Pixel, this device also has stereo Google Pixel 3a XL speakers. One on the earpiece side and another on the bottom. To me that was a bad location, as the previous Pixel was on the chin side. With the location at the bottom, hands will block out the audio – indirectly providing an unsatisfactory experience.

Thankfully, the results sound pretty good and not bad. Just, at the maximum sound level – the sound is a little sharp. This is because, these speakers have not great bass. So the result sounds a little confusing and annoying. Listening from a distance, the results are quite encouraging.

First play, watch video or listen to music – audio results are ‘ok’. I’m just thankful that a middle class android has stereo speakers.

The appropriate score for me is only 6/10.

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Taking regular pictures as well, the most interesting is the result of a pretty good dynamic range. The color is sharp, the details are clear and quite bright. Throughout use there is no immediate sense of disappointment. Next up is the selfie camera. Imagine, a single -lens selfie camera on the front can also produce a very stunning portrait mode.

Next, I also tested the Night Sight night mode. The performance is a bit slow, but the results given make me ignore the performance of the camera. Patience is half of faith? So what’s wrong with waiting just a few moments for a picture result that excites yourself. Every photo I take makes me think – am I a professional photographer? Whereas I am just a noob in the work of taking pictures.

While this device doesn’t have Pixel Visual Core, uploading videos on Instagram Stories – the results aren’t as bad as the OnePlus 7 Pro device. The OnePlus 7 Pro device which officially sold for up to RM4199, lost to the middle class device? Not sure what Google is doing to have better Instgram Stories results than other Android devices.

The camera score of this device is 9/10.

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Battery in Pixel 4

Battery in Pixel 4

The battery in Pixel 4 is also among the disadvantages of this device. But, with my use that makes the Pixel 4 as my second device actually the battery is just enough. But if made as a primary daily device it may not be. The battery is only 2800mAh, 90Hz screen, AMOLED, a lot of power consumption for machine learning and artificial intelligence – too much power consumption for a small battery.

2800mAh for this much usage is not suitable. Already I use all the built -in Pixel 4 functions, including Motion Sense. The battery I get is around 2-3 hours SOT if using it to an extreme. However if my usage is light, there is no problem at all to achieve 5 hours of SOT with a 90Hz screen. Then the 18W USB-PD charging was fast enough for me. People’s term now is “Where do you want to go fast?”.

The Google Pixel 4 is undeniably a great android. It has good and satisfactory camera performance. If. Yes there is if, ignore the ultra wide angle lens. The quality of the camera to this day is still hard for me to forget since the Pixel 2 again. No Pixel, no GCam. The color is alive, the value of keHDRannya bright, beautiful and satisfied to the eye. Not to forget also with the Pixel 4, the audio quality when recording video is much better and surprisingly.

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Turning to performance, yes the benchmark score is not able to compete with other devices. But haters will still hate. Because if you don’t use this device, you won’t understand why I really appreciate this device. The experience of using native Android is very satisfying and no other device can produce Android as well as this.

Yes I understand, the battery is categorized as garbage, unsatisfactory performance, and the camera is only two lenses. But I am still fond of this device. I’ve been using Android devices since 2013, no other device is as smart as this Google Pixel. In fact, while I was using the Nexus 5X the experience of using the original Android was also different.

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Google Pixel 4 Cameras

Google Pixel 4 Cameras

Okay, this is where many Google Pixel 4 cameras don’t like it. Many are frustrated that Google has become as stingy as Apple. But, back to your usage. Pixel 4 is not for all users and only certain users will choose this device. Pixel 4 is for those who love a good native Android usage experience and a taste of how to use a real smart device. It’s really smart in terms of software and that’s what Google is focused on.

Like me, yes I love cameras with ultra wide angle lenses. But, if not I can just live or just use the pixel android. The case on the Pixel 4, I can honestly say with the picture quality that the Pixel can produce continues to make me forget about the ultra wide angle lens. He’s good enough. I’m comfortable using it.

Ok, for Night Sight. Yes, she is indeed satisfied and beautiful. But, I was disappointed because I couldn’t take beautiful and satisfying astrophotographic pictures. The location I stayed at was a location that didn’t have a lot of stars and this was the best result I could get. Still, the other results are fine. There was an obvious noise situation, but it wasn’t bad.

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For Top Shot images, this is an example of what a Top Shot is. Actually it is burst mode only. Only with Google’s ingenuity, it can choose the most beautiful, neat and stable results. What do you say? Can you excuse Google for not putting an ultra-wide angle lens, but you will get a satisfactory picture result. Check out the other samples below, and express your opinion in the comments section.

Since Pixel 2016, Google has been using stereo speakers on Pixel 4. But only on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 does Google use front -facing stereo speakers. Since the Pixel 3a again Google has returned the concept of earpiece speakers + audio drive under the device, just like the original Pixel.

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Google Assistant in Pixel 4

Google Assistant in Pixel 4

Only Google Assistant in Pixel 4 is smoother and with a new interface. Oh yes, also on the Pixel 4 there is already Google Assistant support that can listen to commands continuously, without the user having to repeatedly say “Hey, Google”.

Dual-Camera Only !!!

The combination of 16MP + 12.2MP lens as the main camera is a wise choice from Google. Yes, I will never forget and remain disappointed that there is no ultra wide angle lens support. But this telephoto mode that Google offers is different from the others and interesting to use. Then, you have to remember why Google continues to use 16MP and 12.2MP – Megapixel size is not a determinant of great camera quality. It depends on the software, the type of sensor and also the photography expertise.

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Social Share, Astrophotography & Frequent Face

This is a smart function that Google introduced in the Pixel android series 4. I’ll tell you about its ingenuity only here, the picture quality you can read in the camera section in another paragraph. Social Share is a quick sharing that users can do immediately after taking a picture. There will be three social media platform options to choose from.

Astrophotography is a new night mode built into Night Sight. It can take pictures of the stars in the sky, but unfortunately can’t capture the love stars of my heart .. Actually, this function is a long exposure mode only. Depending on the ambient light conditions, this mode will set itself the appropriate shutter time. Sometimes from 30 seconds, there are situations reaching from 1 minute to over 2 minutes.

Frequent Face is a function that will focus on one individual only when taking pictures. So when taking Motion Photos, Top Shot – the picture that most often the individual is in focus will have a more interesting picture result.

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Google Pixel 4 Device

Google Pixel 4 Device

Using this Google Pixel 4 device reminds me of the days of using the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. This device is a lightweight and thin device. When stored in a pants pocket, honestly I can say it almost feels like no device is stored. Many times also I use this device before bed. I would use it without a frame as well, as the frame is already comfortable to use – so it’s not easy to fall on my face. While lying down, while holding is also not a problem.

Interesting & Smart Functions

Pixel 4 this time offers many smart functions that are indeed A+. To this day I still use the Pixel 4 as my second device because of these interesting functions.

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Ambient EQ

Ambient EQ is Google’s answer to True Tone by Apple. It can change the display of the device according to the surrounding light conditions. It’s not Night Light, or Adaptive Display – but more of adjusting the white color balance on the device. So according to the outside light conditions, the display of the device will always be suitable and comfortable for the user to see.

Always-On Display

It is not a new function. In fact, Nokia has been using it since the days of Lumia devices. It is a display mode that only displays the time, date, notifications and some other information on the lock screen. More interesting to use is on OLED devices. This is because the black color is real black and only the information displayed will turn on the OLED on the android device panel.

On Pixel 4, if using Pixel Stand or any wireless charger that supports Pixel 3/Pixel 4-it will change to Google Assistant Ambient Mode. That is the Google Assistant mode that works almost completely while the device is charging. To make it easier to understand, it will turn the device into a smart display like Google Nest Hub by displaying more information, controlling music or even displaying Google Photos.

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