Google Pixel 4 Cameras

Google Pixel 4 Cameras

Okay, this is where many Google Pixel 4 cameras don’t like it. Many are frustrated that Google has become as stingy as Apple. But, back to your usage. Pixel 4 is not for all users and only certain users will choose this device. Pixel 4 is for those who love a good native Android usage experience and a taste of how to use a real smart device. It’s really smart in terms of software and that’s what Google is focused on.

Like me, yes I love cameras with ultra wide angle lenses. But, if not I can just live or just use the pixel android. The case on the Pixel 4, I can honestly say with the picture quality that the Pixel can produce continues to make me forget about the ultra wide angle lens. He’s good enough. I’m comfortable using it.

Ok, for Night Sight. Yes, she is indeed satisfied and beautiful. But, I was disappointed because I couldn’t take beautiful and satisfying astrophotographic pictures. The location I stayed at was a location that didn’t have a lot of stars and this was the best result I could get. Still, the other results are fine. There was an obvious noise situation, but it wasn’t bad.

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For Top Shot images, this is an example of what a Top Shot is. Actually it is burst mode only. Only with Google’s ingenuity, it can choose the most beautiful, neat and stable results. What do you say? Can you excuse Google for not putting an ultra-wide angle lens, but you will get a satisfactory picture result. Check out the other samples below, and express your opinion in the comments section.

Since Pixel 2016, Google has been using stereo speakers on Pixel 4. But only on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 does Google use front -facing stereo speakers. Since the Pixel 3a again Google has returned the concept of earpiece speakers + audio drive under the device, just like the original Pixel.

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