Battery in Pixel 4

Battery in Pixel 4

The battery in Pixel 4 is also among the disadvantages of this device. But, with my use that makes the Pixel 4 as my second device actually the battery is just enough. But if made as a primary daily device it may not be. The battery is only 2800mAh, 90Hz screen, AMOLED, a lot of power consumption for machine learning and artificial intelligence – too much power consumption for a small battery.

2800mAh for this much usage is not suitable. Already I use all the built -in Pixel 4 functions, including Motion Sense. The battery I get is around 2-3 hours SOT if using it to an extreme. However if my usage is light, there is no problem at all to achieve 5 hours of SOT with a 90Hz screen. Then the 18W USB-PD charging was fast enough for me. People’s term now is “Where do you want to go fast?”.

The Google Pixel 4 is undeniably a great android. It has good and satisfactory camera performance. If. Yes there is if, ignore the ultra wide angle lens. The quality of the camera to this day is still hard for me to forget since the Pixel 2 again. No Pixel, no GCam. The color is alive, the value of keHDRannya bright, beautiful and satisfied to the eye. Not to forget also with the Pixel 4, the audio quality when recording video is much better and surprisingly.

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Turning to performance, yes the benchmark score is not able to compete with other devices. But haters will still hate. Because if you don’t use this device, you won’t understand why I really appreciate this device. The experience of using native Android is very satisfying and no other device can produce Android as well as this.

Yes I understand, the battery is categorized as garbage, unsatisfactory performance, and the camera is only two lenses. But I am still fond of this device. I’ve been using Android devices since 2013, no other device is as smart as this Google Pixel. In fact, while I was using the Nexus 5X the experience of using the original Android was also different.

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