Software in Xiaomi 11T Pro

Usage and software in Xiaomi 11T Pro. The screen of this device is absolutely fantastic. Dolby Vision gives more beautiful colors, deeper details, it’s darker and cinematic. But it should play content like on Netflix or a platform that supports this display standard. Not to forget also that 120Hz on this device is more consistent than before. This is probably due to MIUI 12.5.4 with Enhanced Edition.

The user experience also feels smoother and faster, the Snapdragon 888 this time around even with only 8GB of RAM on our review unit – when tortured with camera tests and the first weight is just lukewarm and no serious heating issues. The all -new cooling system on the device seems to play a good role.

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Using the device to type is also very good with a premium haptic vibration system. It tries to mimic the iPhone, not to mention but for Android devices it has a satisfying experience.

MIUI 12.5.4 on this device still has the same interface design and is no different from the user experience since MIUI 11 again. The only differences are in the background such as memory management, performance and security. Interesting enough to see Xiaomi relies a lot on Google apps like on phone apps and SMS.

Honestly we say, MIUI on this device is not much different from Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco devices that use the basic MIUI 12.5 as well as Android 11. It’s a pity that additional Memory Extension memory support is not offered for this device. Although 8GB of RAM feels like enough, but if possible add around 4GB more or 2GB of memory management will be smoother. I say this because when there are many applications in the background, the system will crash a moment and makes the device reboot abruptly. Maybe the 12GB RAM variation won’t have this issue?

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