Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Specifications – Samsung screens rarely disappoint. Last year their screen only lost to the Xperia 1 II in the Amanz device awards because of its lower resolution and no BT.2020 warrant offer. The S21 Ultra screen is excellent because there is no color banding or ghosting we noticed during the use for these two days. HDR content is supported under the now increasingly popular HDR10+ format. Use under the scorching sun is also not problematic with the interface being clearly visible.

Is this a good action? Only you can answer this question. Personally we ourselves haven’t used it in five years because the storage is now getting bigger. In Malaysia the storage offered is 256 and 512 GB which we can say can last up to three years. So the absence of a micro SD slot is regrettable but probably not to be mourned.

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Time to touch on specs anyway. The latest Exynos 2100 chip is matched with 12/16 GB memory and storage up to 512GB. On paper this is a pretty solid combination; as the Exynos 2100 is the most powerful Android chip to date based on the synthetic testing we’ve done. The Exynos 2100 chip comparison article will be published tomorrow to provide a more in -depth analysis. For now all we can say is that the Samsung android does feel fast and no significant heating issues were found.

The Samsung camera system has undergone a drastic change compared to the S20 Ultra. The 108MP sensor is matched with a wide -angle lens; 12MP with an ultra -wide -angle lens, 10 MP with a 3X optical telephoto lens and another 10MP with a periscope 10X optical telephoto lens that supports zoom up to 100X. Space Zoom still exists but with a Zoom Lock system that stabilizes the image like a tripod. All of this can be done even though this year’s telephoto camera sensor is smaller than the S20 Ultra (48MP vs 10MP).