Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Improvements

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Improvements – Improvements to Nearby Share were also made. When selected the user can choose to remove the meta data on the image they want to share. The process of removing meta data is as simple as pressing the option button before the Nearby Share submission is performed. Another interesting feature is that users can customize the background image when a call is received from a particular individual. Animated videos for specific individual call backgrounds can also be generated through the AR Emoji system.

This may be the reason for the first time on the left Home screen that so far only shows Samsung Daily is now replaced with two options Google Discovery or Samsung Free (which replaces Samsung Daily). Google Discovery is a feature we’ve long wanted even a fan of Samsung devices. Samsung Daily is not as good as Google Discovery due to Bixby not surfing Google Assistant. The Googler of Samsung devices can already be seen clearly this time.

But this does not mean Bixby is completely ignored. This Samsung virtual assistant still has the exclusive right to be called using the power button. Samsung is not ready to allow users to call Google Assistant directly by pressing the power button this year. Maybe it will happen next year.

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Edge Panels

Other features that are back are Edge Panels, DeX, Your Phone support on Windows 10, Multi Window and Always On Display. Thus the usage of the device is no different from Samsung’s flagship android launched earlier. The combination of a powerful processor, large RAM size and 120Hz screen provides a very smooth initial usage experience. To find out the actual performance of the Exnos 2100 chip compared to other chips on the market, you can read it in the benchmark segment below later.

S Pen support

The S Pen support on this device is the first in the history of the Galaxy S. To meet the needs of users, Samsung offers two special frames with built -in S Pen storage. The S Pen is not provided with every purchase of the S21 Ultra.

Of the two frames we tried, the silicone frame without a cover was the most comfortable to use. It only adds a few millimeters to the width of the device with a storage compartment on the left side of the device (same as last year’s Note20).