Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Quality

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Quality – This year’s quad-camera is different from last year’s Ultra configuration. The 108MP flagship sensor is from the ISOCELL HM3 family that now takes pictures in 12-bit mode allowing over 68 billion colors to be captured. Meanwhile, two 10MP telephoto sensors are used with 3X and 10X optical zoom capabilities and Space Zoom up to 100X respectively. Samsung took tips from the Huawei P40 Pro+ for a better zoom system this year. Finally the wide angle sensor is still 12 MP.

Although the main lens sensor is 108MP, the pictures taken are only 12 MP. Nine sensors are combined into one for a large pixel size of 2.4μm. The result is a sharper, more detailed picture and most importantly 50% brighter especially in the night.


A more important improvement is the use of lasers for the focusing system to bury the big issues difficult to focus on last year’s S20 Ultra. This is the same system on the Note20 Ultra that we personally feel is 2020’s best camera for more everyday situations.

The combination of better sensors, two telephoto zooms and a real laser system pays off. There really is no problem focusing this year. The fast camera focuses on objects even in macro mode with the subject located approximately 5cm from the lens. Samsung android users know macros are not the strength of their device but this macro mode is selected automatically when an object is detected close to the lens. Congratulations to Samsun because even on the iPhone 12 Pro Max this is difficult to do quickly.

Video performance is also better with HDR10+recording support. 8K 24p and Steady Shot 4K 60p. On paper the S21 Ultra camera is the best Samsung has ever offered to their smartphone users.

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Picture Quality

The picture quality is very good. Since the Note20 Ultra Samsung’s camera algorithm has been redesigned to look more natural. For those who love pictures with high saturation Samsung they may be disappointed because the color science has changed. But this is a change for the better as consumers now prefer bright and accurate pictures rather than producing pictures that are more fantasy than reality.

Because our PKP is not able to do real testing in beautiful areas. Then the samples below may not have a high aesthetic value. But we believe it still demonstrates the capabilities of the S21 Ultra camera well.

Without even selecting night mode, pictures in dark settings are still bright. The light source is not diverging or blooming. The high dynamic range ensures that dark areas can still be seen without significant noise issues. Let the sample pictures below alone speak.