Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Processing Capabilities

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Processing Capabilities – Like the S20, you will receive a benchmark score that is more or less the same. As we often say, a benchmark score is a test of merely showing numbers only and numbers are mere numbers. Imagine, can you accept that the Geekbench OnePlus Nord score is higher than the Note20 5G? No isn’t it? Therefore, consumption in the world of reality is even more important.

The AnTuTu score recorded a value of 523,438 which is a common score we see in the pinnacle device class. The Geekbench score is 460 for one core, which is a low score compared to the OnePlus Nord. Meanwhile, the multi-core score is 2,667 which is a fairly high score.

This android device has no problems in performing multi-task activities, opening many applications simultaneously or even playing first. The greatness of this One UI is undeniably great enough, so much so that the already famous OnePlus with Oxygen OS which is similar to the original Android changed to a design similar to One UI.

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GPS & Telephony

GPS on this Samsung device during early use, the location is difficult to lock and navigation takes a long time to find the intricacies. This complicates our daily use, until the update arrives-although in the change log list does not state any changes regarding GPS it has a good change. GPS works better no matter the green or blue telco.

Phone calls are also great. According to the receiver, no hearing problems occurred and the audio quality was clear and bright. Then, we noticed that any 5G device has a better network than 4G when it comes to phone calls. Similarly with mobile data, 4G+ networks are easier to accept compared to 4G devices that often accept only 4G.