Samsung Galaxy A02s Official Release

Samsung Galaxy A02s Official Release – Are you looking for a device on a budget below RM600? Samsung has recently opened the curtain on 2021 with the offering of two devices-one of which is the Samsung Galaxy A02s. This smart device comes with entry -class specifications and offering at an affordable price is one of the efforts that Samsung is trying to pay attention to.

Still, it doesn’t really emphasize good specs when compared to devices sold at equivalent prices. Even so, every smart device certainly has its own strength value. The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy A02s. So, where does the strength lie in this smart device? Continue reading this article:

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We start with the design first. The Samsung Galaxy A02s brings a design that is quite synonymous with some of the other models under the galaxy A series – especially for the design on the back panel. As can be seen, this smart android uses a construction entirely of polycarbonate with a striped texture finish with a prism-like design.

Holding this device for the first time – its build is arguably quite thick and heavy. It may be due to its large battery capacity. Even so, it is still comfortable to hold. Coupled with such a textured back panel – indirectly able to provide a pretty good grip and not easily escape from the user’s grip.

The Samsung Galaxy A02s, however, does not have fingerprint scanner support – either physically or built into the screen. Instead, you are only given the option of a face scan function and a few other common security settings. For example, swipe settings, patterns, pins or passwords.

As far as we use, this face scan function is seen to give a good and responsive response. Then, it is able to unlock this smart device quickly. Arguably, this function is easier for users to compare with other common security settings.