Redmi 10 Screen

The Redmi 10 screen of this device is quite good, as it has FHD resolution. In terms of color it is just normal and if just use it for indoors, it has good color and acceptable brightness. When buying a device like this, expectations for the screen should not be placed on a high level and one should expect there will be a shortage compared to more expensive devices.

Watching YouTube or Netflix is ​​pretty good, with YouTube supporting at 1440p60fps on some videos and Netflix supporting HD without any issues. Only, the color will fade a little if watching a video that is supposed to have HDR format. The 90Hz refresh rate only works at certain times. We expect that it is due to insufficient 4GB RAM memory as well as problems on MIUI not being efficient enough with low memory.

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Speaking of MIUI, the device is running MIUI 12.5; with the August security patch update through version 12.5.4 at the time this review was written. It’s among the best; but with a global version full of fat apps, ads still there, the user experience is less appealing. Low memory, ads and applications make the device slower.

Even so, use for lightweight productivity like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or even the lightest via Google Duo – this Redmi android won’t present any major problems. It can run well. Only MIUI 12.5.6 still has a few notification problems, unfair memory management between the global; and Chinese versions of MIUI and is not very satisfactory if you want to use this device for casual.

Anyway, this update received earlier is more recent than the Xiaomi 11T Pro which is still MIUI 12.5.4. Clearly here, quick updates are an important focus of Xiaomi no matter what class the device is in.

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