Realme X7 Pro Performance And Benchmark Scores

Realme X7 Pro Performance And Benchmark Scores – First play on this device gives a different experience. For example, when playing first like PUBG Mobile it can play at High setting only. The playing experience is quite satisfying, but after about one session – it starts to heat up. But not so hot, because the device can still be held and operated well. But after playing Genshin Impact, it was limited to 60FPS only. Then throughout the play period it was a bit snagged and the animation transitions were a bit weird and as if it wasn’t the first time there were graphics bugs. Just 10-15 minutes of play, the device starts to heat up until it is uncomfortable to hold.

Not only that, in the Don’t Kill My App test to see memory management. This realme android is a bit weak. It is not capable of handling many applications simultaneously. The score is only 58%. It could be that 8GB of RAM is not enough for this chip and it could also be that the use of UFS 2.1 internal storage is not a wise choice.

The benchmark score was 509498 from AnTuTu, while Geekbench 5 earned 766 for single-core and 2758 for multi-core. The score reaching 500K is the equivalent of the Snapdragon 865, but still not great enough as most are around 550k.

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UI Performance

Realme UI still has a lot of fat apps built -in. This is one of the reasons why the optimization of the operating system is unsatisfactory and causes problems. Even so functions like dark theme mode, Realme Share, Focus Mode, Customizable Icon, Smart Driving and many more are ready to help users to add a fun user experience.

Realme UI is pretty smooth if used for casual, but when it starts playing first, it becomes problematic. The system crashes frequently such as time lag problems, the screen cannot be touched; there is a time lag between scanning a fingerprint and going to the main screen and more. This problem does not occur during the first play only. In fact, when the device is not touched for about 30 minutes to 1 hour – it also suffers from serious time delay problems.