Realme C25s Camera Capability

Realme C25s Camera Capability – The tri-camera combines a 48MP wide-angle sensor, a 2MP macro and a 2MP depth sensor. Although the main sensor is 48MP, the pictures taken are only moderate. Compliments are only given to camera bumps that aren’t big so it’s not disgusting.

Able to take good pictures in good lighting situations but starts to show weaknesses in dark situations. Without OIS, the images taken look softer – less sharp when compared to mid -range device cameras with similarly sized sensors. Color reproduction is also less pronounced with all images consistently cooler (with blue tones).

The zoom system can take good pictures up to 2X only. When starting to touch a maximum of 10X, the image appears to burst with the object losing sharpness. You can see for yourself in the picture below. It is not recommended to take pictures at a zoom setting of up to 10X using the C25s.

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With a 2MP macro sensor, the picture quality as expected is less than satisfactory. Manufacturers from China are quite fond of using small -sized sensors for macros that we feel don’t make sense. None of the photos using macro mode we can say meet the satisfactory standards of Amanz photography lab.

The Realme C25s is an affordable entry -level device. Various sacrifices are made on this class of device and photographic capability is one feature whose hope bar should be placed lower when commenting. But we have to be fair here and if compared to other devices, the performance of the C25s camera is comparable.

While scrolling we can also feel it is not very smooth especially on long websites or application trays. There was a bit of ghosting causing the scroll to feel a little snoring. It is true that this screen segment is full of critical screens but the fact is that this is what exists on affordable entry -level devices. The user experience really can’t match what can be offered on middle class android and above.