Realme 3 Pro Camera

In terms of Realme 3 Pro camera brings a 16MP f/1.7 main sensor along with a 5MP second sensor to achieve Portrait Mode capabilities. It does not feature optical image stabilization (OIS), yet it still features electronic image stabilization (EIS) functionality to reduce the effects of vibration. It is also equipped with an LED flash along with one-tone color lighting to aid shooting in the dark.

In terms of quality, the shooting results look very good, giving bright results even when used in low lighting situations. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) with an aperture of f/1.7 can reduce the effect of noise (noise) on dark areas in the picture. The overall shooting also gives sharp image detail when receiving adequate lighting, in addition to providing interesting coloring to look at.

Its front camera has been upgraded to 25MP f/2.0 compared to 16MP f/2.0 on the Realme 2 Pro. The selfie result is able to give the image detail is quite sharp; especially when the facial beautification function is turned off completely. You will be able to see the facial skin very clearly; yet the skin color is still describe even though none of this facial beautification function is activate. It also has a Portrait Mode function, to allow a blur effect to be produce on the back of the face. Thats a pretty good feature huh!

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In terms of function, Realme 3 Pro is capable of recording as high as 4K@30fps; in addition to coming with 1080p@120fps slow motion recording. It also features a Night Mode function, in allowing you to get brighter night imagery. Several other functions are also present on this Realme android such as Panorama, Expert Mode, Time-Lapse; and Google Lens to improve the recording function when shooting.

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