Realme 3 Pro Battery

The Realme 3 Pro battery presents a battery upgrade of 545 mAh compared to the Realme 3 Pro, by presenting a capacity of 4045 mAh compared to 3500 mAh. With the use of a 10nm chip through this Snapdragon 710, it is seen to be able to give better battery readings than the Realme 2 Pro model, with a longer device usage time.

With a capacity of 4045 mAh and a matching 10nm chip, the Realme 3 Pro is able to offer a pretty good Screen-on-Time (SoT) time, through SoT readings of around 7 hours 18 minutes for all-day use. In terms of charging time, the device is also supplied with a VOOC 3.0 (20W) charger available, with android charging time of around 1 hour 21 minutes.


Realme 3 Pro presents a very great device offering, so we can’t believe it’s only offered at a starting price of RM899. It has an attractive design, a bright screen display, while being generated with the fastest chip for its class. It also comes with bright dual-camera support, outstanding front camera capabilities, besides being able to provide long battery life.

The only downside is that the construction feels a little cheap; which may be due to the use of polycarbonate -based. It also still uses a micro-USB connection, compared to the USB-C connection already used on devices in its class. In addition, we expect it to come with a memory option of 8GB of RAM; in addition to presenting an IR blaster like the Redmi Note 7 device.

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Offers a sturdy build with an ascending color finish.
Delivers bright screen quality through IPS LCD panel and Full HD+resolution.
Powered with a Snapdragon 710 chip for everyday use and fast gaming.
The ability of the rear camera is able to produce sharp pictures with tint in a natural direction.
Has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh that can give SoT readings around 7 hours 18 minutes.
Supplied with built -in VOOC 3.0 (20W) fast charging.
Maintains 3.5mm audio connection.
Comes with a dual-sim slot with microSD card support separately.
Powered with the latest Android 9.0 Pie along with ColorOS 6.0.

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