Poco M3 Pro 5G Usage And Software

Poco M3 Pro 5G Usage And Software – Unlike the OnePlus Nord N10 which is priced at RM1000, the Poco M3 Pro with a retail price of less than RM800 runs an operating system based on Android 11 instead of Android 10. Not only that, Poco also promises consistent software updates for three years instead of just one year. .Yes, MIUI for Poco software based on MIUI 12 is not the best. But the MIUI 12.5 that I personally tested is among the best versions coming soon.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I don’t know what Poco did on the MIUI for Poco for the Poco M3 Pro; it’s not as annoying a problem as we’ve experienced on other Poco devices. Throughout the use of this device for a few weeks; it can be said that almost every time it gives a pretty good experience. Arguably like the Realme 8 5G with their ColorOS 11 -based Realme UI 2.0. It also proves our theory, that 4GB of RAM is not suitable for MIUI; and 6GB of RAM as we use this is the minimum amount of RAM for good performance.

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The MIUI for Poco interface is more or less the same as any MIUI device. Interesting features and functions are also equally offered on this device. While not providing the native Android -like user experience first offered by Oppo, Realme or Vivo, many Google apps are already built -in and Google services are built in by default. Examples are phone calling applications and messaging applications. With slogans made of mad or mad (Made of Mad), Poco is really doing a crazy job on this affordable device of theirs.

Regardless of the specifications of the flagship device or not, more or less the same features; and functions will try to be provided to the users. With their crazy work, every different Poco user will not feel foreign; and can further strengthen the friendship in their community which is quite active.