Pixel 3a XL Speakers

Like the previous Google Pixel, this device also has stereo Google Pixel 3a XL speakers. One on the earpiece side and another on the bottom. To me that was a bad location, as the previous Pixel was on the chin side. With the location at the bottom, hands will block out the audio – indirectly providing an unsatisfactory experience.

Thankfully, the results sound pretty good and not bad. Just, at the maximum sound level – the sound is a little sharp. This is because, these speakers have not great bass. So the result sounds a little confusing and annoying. Listening from a distance, the results are quite encouraging.

First play, watch video or listen to music – audio results are ‘ok’. I’m just thankful that a middle class android has stereo speakers.

The appropriate score for me is only 6/10.

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Taking regular pictures as well, the most interesting is the result of a pretty good dynamic range. The color is sharp, the details are clear and quite bright. Throughout use there is no immediate sense of disappointment. Next up is the selfie camera. Imagine, a single -lens selfie camera on the front can also produce a very stunning portrait mode.

Next, I also tested the Night Sight night mode. The performance is a bit slow, but the results given make me ignore the performance of the camera. Patience is half of faith? So what’s wrong with waiting just a few moments for a picture result that excites yourself. Every photo I take makes me think – am I a professional photographer? Whereas I am just a noob in the work of taking pictures.

While this device doesn’t have Pixel Visual Core, uploading videos on Instagram Stories – the results aren’t as bad as the OnePlus 7 Pro device. The OnePlus 7 Pro device which officially sold for up to RM4199, lost to the middle class device? Not sure what Google is doing to have better Instgram Stories results than other Android devices.

The camera score of this device is 9/10.

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