P30 Pro Camera Hump

The Huawei P30 Pro camera hump on the back is quite large and tall. This causes the device to not be placed flat on the table surface without damaging the lens. Huawei includes a plastic frame with every purchase. To ensure the P30 Pro’s lens and periscope mechanism last a long time, we think it’s a good idea to have a durable frame. This also solves the problem of the rear glass panel trapping dena dirt too easily.

The USB-C charging port located on the bottom of the device is squeezed with a SIM tray on the left and speakers on the right. The hybrid tray is again used to also support NM Card for additional internal storage up to 256GB. No audio jacks are included as it has been done by Huawei since the P2o Pro again. Huawei includes a USB-C adapter to the audio jack and a pair of USB-C headphones with every purchase.

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The sides of the device are rounded to increase comfort when used while the top and bottom are flat. Overall the P30 Pro is among the devices with the most attractive designs on the market. The premium finish is matched with a high -class finish that puts it on par with those released by Apple and Samsung. This is not surprising as they are now the second largest device manufacturer on the market even after being imposed for a month of sanctions by the United States.

Android 9 Pie operating system with EMUI 9.1 launcher is used. This is the most recent interface used on Huawei devices. The biggest difference is made in the more minimalistic icon design with flat colors. The icons are placed in a rounded corner box and no longer in a circle as can be seen on the Mate 20 Pro (EMUI 9.0).

Unlike Samsung who completely changed their interface to make it easier to use one -handed; Huawei still hasn’t dared to make drastic changes to their launchers. On the positive side, Huawei android users don’t have to re -learn the new interface when buying the P30 Pro.

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