Oppo Reno6 5G Battery

What about Oppo Reno6 5G battery life? Well, before we share more about it it is necessary for you to know the battery size for the Oppo Reno6 is 4,300mAh. It also supports charging at a maximum power of 65W.

With a 60Hz screen, we can get SOT readings up to 9 hours long with 14%battery remaining. This is a moderate use of the device. Later, this reading continued to plummet to 5 hours 9 minutes with the battery remaining around 17% when we used it more often. Needless to say, the screen is still at the 60Hz setting.

For a screen with a 90Hz setting, we can get an SOT reading of around 5 hours with a battery remaining around 10% and usage is moderate. All of these situations we mentioned are completely dependent on 4G LTE networks. So here, clearly showing the battery life is entirely dependent on a user’s own usage pattern.

Only, if we want to talk about heat problems. It does indeed happen where the Oppo android gets hot quickly. The situation occurred not only during the first play. In fact, while making a video call, watch a video and turn on the hotspot connection while doing work. One more thing, the Oppo Reno6 is also complete with X-axis linear motor support with 4D vibration feature. Personally, we feel the vibration feature is quite good.

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MLBB settings

Talking a bit about the initial settings, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be played up to High graphics. Next, other starters like Genshin Impact meanwhile the original setting is on ‘Low with 30fps mode. It, however, can still be set to higher graphics manually. But, the gaming experience will be less satisfying. For PUBG Mobile, the original graphic setting is ‘Balanced’ with a frame rate of ‘Medium’.

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