Oppo Reno5 Battery and Camera Specs

Oppo Reno5 Battery and Camera Specs – Is a battery important for a smartphone? Of course, yes! The Oppo Reno5 uses a 4300mAh capacity battery with a dual-cell design. This is for SuperVOOC 2.0 65W fast charging support which promises 15 minutes of 60% charging and as low as 35 minutes for 100%. If the battery is already weak by around 5%, Oppo claims to still be able to activate WhatsApp for about 1 more hour before it dies completely.

See the screenshot below, just 1 hour more SOT? is this true? For extreme uses like downloads, non -stop hotspots, primers and cameras – the battery life I got was under 4 hours SOT. If trying to reduce usage, such as turning off Bluetooth, not using the camera much or playing first – 6 hours of SOT can be achieved.

But I am aware of a bit of a problem in this Oppo android, where the battery optimization is very weak. If all day working from home around 8 hours for example – this device can last all day if used regularly. If you’re busy typing articles, editing videos and so on – the device runs out of battery faster. The Reno5 battery optimization is not stable enough. I expect it to be able to reach at least 7 hours of SOT.

Myself, I can accept it because of the fast -paced SuperVOOC 2.0. Even a Pixel 4 with an SOT under 3 hours I can accept because of the satisfactory user experience. If the identifier is carried or lost-this Oppo android supports basic 18W USB-PD. So no problem there either.

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Anyway, the Oppo Reno5 camera brings a good camera. The use of software as an important basis is seen to play a role and not just a gimmick. Maybe it’s too early, compared to Google which has been using it since 2016. But it’s good that Oppo started an initiative like this, later recording videos and photos on the device can be even better with a regular lens.