Oppo Reno Mode

Playing first is no problem, just keep in mind that there is a built -in first Oppo Reno mode (Game Space) – this device does not focus on video games. It’s more of a lifestyle like screen, camera and style. Going back to the original, playing PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9 at the beginning of use it was very smooth and satisfying. Now if playing PUBG Mobile there will be a bit of graphics problems and time lag. This issue I find when there are a lot of apps open and running in the background.

Other than the issues that on me are minor, my usage experience is pretty good. For security, it uses a fingerprint scanner in an optical type screen. MashaAllah, very slow. I expect at least it has the same speed as the OnePlus 6T, however no it’s slower. It reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy A50, only slightly better. There is also a face scanning system to unlock the device. But it’s slower than the Oppo Find X.

The benchmark on this device looks pretty good. It’s just not the best. Here I include the score and a few comments.

The performance score of this device I give is only 7/10.

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Oppo android is known for devices with good selfie capabilities. So on this Oppo Reno, Oppo still maintains good selfie capabilities with many improvements. This shark-fin pop-up camera uses a 16MP F2.0 lens and the results are quite amazing. I gave this Oppo Reno to the girls during the festivities and the result was really charming and beautiful. Still has a beauty mode that can’t be turned off, but is more natural and pleasing to the eye. Just look at the sample photos below and you rate. I also included a photo of the selfie portrait mode and it is still mediocre.

Turning to the main camera on the back, the 48MP is an F1.7 lens and the 5MP is F2.4 for depth. To me this 5MP lens is still just a gimmick, because the selfie photo results are still more to the software. The camera results are quite good.

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