Oppo A95 Buttons

Talk about connection ports and Oppo A95 buttons. The Oppo A95 uses a USB-C port connection on the bottom. It is housed along with mono speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack. This is good news for some users who still love the use of wired earphones and heads. However, the use of mono speaker systems is a significant drawback. Plus for anyone who wants better audio capabilities.

The power button is located on the right side, the audio adjustable button is located on the left side of the Oppo android. All buttons are solid without any extreme problems. It is also easy to access with good response support. At the same time, you can also find the dual-SIM tray space located on the left side. Quite interesting when it also supports the ability to add internal storage via microSD.

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On the front, the Oppo A95 uses a 6.43-inch flat screen with FHD+resolution. It feels easier to use than a curved screen. The display quality is satisfactory through the use of AMOLED panels. Content with bright and good colors can also be enjoyed. The screen is also very clear. Want to stare at social media? Or maybe read directly interesting news in Amanz? It’s no problem at all.

But unfortunately, the notable drawback is the screen that only supports refresh rates limited to 60Hz. We are sure, this may cause a sense of error for some users. While we can also see that there are competitors who are able to provide at least a 90Hz screen feature on their smartphones. One more thing, the existence of a thick bezel on the chin is also clearly visible. Even so, it’s not a big deal. On the other hand, things are commonly found in a device in such a class.

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