Oppo A95 Battery

The Oppo A95 battery is 5000mAh. It also supports fast charging 33W Flash Charge. At the same time, you will also find a feature called Battery Guard/AI Night Charge for a safer charging process when left on during sleep until morning. On our use, the device is able to last almost 10 hours with the attached screen reaching over 5 hours. It does however depend on the use of each. For us, this Oppo android is used all day for some activities. Among them are video streaming, use as a hotspot, taking pictures, playing the first for several sessions, surfing the web and several other activities.

Furthermore, pictures taken in low lighting situations showed unsatisfactory results. The noise is quite noticeable, the details are not very sharp and the light source in some cases is seen to be too bright. Although, it has night mode support built -in. However, the results are still less than satisfactory with noise still clearly visible for some situations.

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One more thing, there are strange things we noticed regarding the camera on this device. While we were taking pictures for a long time. There were a few moments back then, we found the camera app couldn’t work properly. Where, the camera shutter button can be pressed but the picture is not taken directly. We also tried it with some other modes like video, pro and so on. The same situation remains. When this happens, it makes us feel a little unhappy and a little angry. Furthermore, at that time we were taking pictures for this review article.

At first we thought that by closing the application and reopening it, this problem would be solved. But unfortunately, not at all. The last way we do it is to restart the device. Then, only then can the camera app work as usual. Throughout the course of this review, this problem occurred quite frequently. We are not sure why this problem occurs. But, it’s friendly to say the Oppo A95 review unit we received was using early software. So, it is not known whether this problem is related to it or not. But we hope that this problem does not occur on models that will be sold later.

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