Oppo A74 5G Fingerprint Scanner

Oppo A74 5G fingerprint scanner is placed on the right side. In a pandemic era where face scans are difficult to use (they are included if you want to use them as well), the existence of a fast physical fingerprint scanner is necessary. Just a little disappointed it is placed on the right side and not on the back like on the Nord N10 5G. If you are a left -handed user, the unlocking process may be a little challenging due to the position of this scanner.

Audio jacks are also still included for those who are not yet ready to switch to wireless audio accessories. With this option the issue of audio time lag during first play will not be an issue on the A74 5G.

Dual-SIM and micro SD card support is also still available in accordance with the needs of the Malaysian market where having dual-SIM and adding storage is normal. Oppo is also not shy because the dual-SIM tray and the micro SD card are separate. All three can be used simultaneously.

Processors And Benchmarks

The Snapdragon 480 5G is a new chip launched last January as an entry -class 5G chip from Qualcomm. Even so it shares many similarities with the Snapdragon 678; as it still uses the Cortex A76 -based Kryo 460 core. But don’t be fooled by the numbers 678 and 480 here. The Snapdragon 480G uses 8nm technology instead of 11nm like the Snapdragon 678. Plus the Andreno 619 GPU is better than the Adreno 612. The numbers may be smaller; but in terms of performance the Snapdragon 480 is a better processor complete with 5G support through the built -in X51 model.

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We now live in a world where the naming of Snapdragon chips can be confusing; because the 400 series is not necessarily weak and the 600 series is not necessarily powerful. In the benchmark test we did, the scores recorded by the Oppo Android A74 5G are as below.

The experience of using the first is only moderate. Most 3D primers can be played at medium settings with satisfactory frame rates. The heating issue is not so noticeable in fact we say lukewarm but not as warm as the Snapdragon 888. If the first 2D only you play, the Snapdragon 480 is more than adequate. It’s also powerful enough for 90% of everyday used apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Octima, and WhatsApp.