Oppo A15 Review Conclusion

Oppo A15 Review Conclusion – In conclusion, the Oppo A15 comes with specifications that are suitable for daily use. But, not for frequent use of the device. Who do you think should buy? First, if you have children or siblings, this device can be used as a facility for their learning process. Coupled with the current situation, learning sessions from home have been transformed into key learning techniques. So, owning a smart device can be said to be a necessity. Next, the Oppo A15 is also suitable as a gift for the elderly. Usually, such groups focus more on the use of social media only. Or, buy it for your own use. Especially those looking for a backup device.

The Oppo A15 is supplied with the same battery capacity as the Oppo A31 which is 4,230mAh. We found its performance to be practically satisfactory. Through it, it is seen to record SOT readings of almost 7- 8 hours for use throughout the day. These include use for first play, web browsing, use of maps, taking pictures and more. If you belong to the careful users, the battery on this device is capable of lasting more than a day.

But, what makes this android device seem to lag behind is on the use of connection ports. It is a kind of microUSB. Then, the charging is only 10W. This is a very slow charging for current standards. Due to that, the process to fully charge this device takes more than 2 hours.

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Strong construction, attractive finish
The camera is good at ample lighting
Just good for everyday use, not the first
Satisfactory battery life


Screen resolution is only HD+, Colors on the screen are slightly faded
The device easily traps fingerprints
MicroUSB connection port
Disappointing night shooting mode