OnePlus Nord 2 Software

The OnePlus Nord 2 software that was quite popular is Oxygen OS that used to offer fast updates and a native Android -like user experience has now changed. We know that OnePlus has officially merged with Oppo and the operating systems of these two devices will be merged. OnePlus Nord 2 will give a user experience as if using the Oppo Reno 6 Pro, but a little flawed because it looks like the Color OS is not complete with the Oxygen OS theme.

When these two operating systems are similar, many functions and features are shared, Color OS which has more features and functions will feel more attractive to use. Compared to Oxygen OS which has less customization elements that Oppo offers. Oxygen OS 11.3 on this Oneplus android is still trying to try to offer a more or less the same experience, but to no avail as it no longer has its own special features.

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The camera application, settings section, design; and many elements in the operating system on this device are similar to Realme UI and Color OS. I’m used to using Color OS and know Realme UI; it feels very strange to use a OnePlus device that has Oppo software.

The overall usage experience on this device will feel just fine. 90Hz is consistent, no serious time lag issues, the Oxygen launchers still have a bit of their original elements as well as the use of the Alert Slider with a neat animated display – there’s still OnePlus in it.

But on system settings Convenience tools, Battery settings, App Management, camera apps, data transfer; apps similar to Oppo are hard for me to accept when Oxygen OS 10 and below is my favorite. But what can be done?

The most annoying thing is that the Oxygen OS starts to feel a little heavy; because once the device is turned on – it takes a little longer than usual to load. Apps will be slow to open, icons disappear; and having to wait around 5-6 seconds to load is something not experienced on Oppo devices.

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