OnePlus 7T Pro Device

This is a OnePlus 7T Pro device McLaren Edition is the most perfect OnePlus device, although there are some shortcomings. Ideally, OnePlus should launch this device from scratch instead of starting with the OnePlus 7T or OnePlus 7T Pro. Beautiful and great curved screen, where the curves are not so deep, a very smooth 90Hz refresh rate and a very immersive screen usage experience. Not to forget also that the screen of this device has HDR10+rating. Perghhh, steady isn’t it?

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Oh yes, the performance is the best so far in all the flagship android. I’ve tried Huawei, Samsung, Pixel and iPhone – I’ve never seen a device that is as fast and very smooth as this OnePlus. The camera and battery are also indeed good, this device excels in both and is finally able to compete closely with other competitors.

The 4085mAh battery provides a usage life that in my experience no device has the same battery stability as the device. Remember, this device has 90Hz and QHD+! Yes, it’s true other devices already have fast charging systems up to 65W, but this 30W -based 30T is already satisfying. If that’s not enough, for those who love to roam this device also supports the 15W USB-PD system.

This OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is the most expensive OnePlus android to date. In foreign countries, this device is categorized as a flagship device at the price of a premium middle class device. So it’s worth it. But in Malaysia, the price is very expensive and the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ device; which is fully equipped with various functions and features can be purchased at a much cheaper price. So, the comparison I can give is, this OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is an alternative for those who are interested in the Google Pixel 4 XL. The Pixel is not officially sold in Malaysia; and the Oxygen OS used on this device is the closest to native Android.

The official price in Malaysia is RM3,899. Compared to the expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max; or Google Pixel 4 XL and close to RM5K, this OnePlus is the best choice.

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