OnePlus 7 Pro Review

Best camera quality? In the OnePlus 7 Pro review, it didn’t score that high. The picture results are still unsatisfactory and the HDR value is too bright and sometimes every picture taken has an orange filter effect. But on this OnePlus 7T Pro, the results are seen to be better.

The colors on the image are more pop, every detail of the texture on objects like hair and skin is clearly visible. The sample selfie photo below is from the camera of this device and if you see for yourself – it is a high quality image. Not only that, look at the background, the depth value for portrait mode images is indeed clear and realistic. However, the selfie camera doesn’t have auto-focus-so images sometimes don’t have good focus.

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Glad to the OnePlus because, the digital zoom on this OnePlus android is already improved and approaching the greatness of digital zoom that the Pixel 4 can do. The digital zoom quality of this device has good details, acceptable colors and is indeed beyond expectations. The OnePlus’s focus isn’t on zoom, so I can’t compare it to a device with a periscope camera like the Huawei P30 Pro.

The ultra wide angle image is one of the image results that surprised me. Who would have thought that a OnePlus device, can take ultra -wide angle photos with almost no distortion? The results are encouraging. No matter in a lot of light or less light such as at night, the result is neat, good colors and clear details.

The downside of OnePlus is it’s still in night mode, or what OnePlus calls it Nightscape. To this day, in my opinion no one can oppose the Pixel night mode via Night Sight or even the night mode on the Huawei P30 Pro and above. In fact, Apple was finally able to put night mode in the iPhone 11.

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