Mechanism in Galaxy A80

Speaking of the pop-rotate mechanism in Galaxy A80, it takes two seconds to complete the front camera opening cycle. This is quite a long time if we compare it to other device pop-up systems on the market. There is a gap of about an inch that opens when the camera goes up. This space will trap dirt easily. Almost every day we have to clean this space to avoid trapped dust that might block the movement of the camera.

The Galaxy A80’s pop-rotate camera mechanism may look pretty but we’re a little worried about its long-term durability. On Samsung’s official website, there is no information on the number of pop-spin tests they have done. Personal experience using the Oppo N3 before this made us a little worried because in two years, the mechanism on the device became loose in just a year. This may be the reason why Oppo no longer uses this design on their Samsung android.

It has a safety system that keeps the camera on when detecting when the device is dropped. But the time it took was too long to store the camera before it fell to the floor. Even the official frame sold by Samsung has a long strap for the wrist. Preventing the device from falling is better because the top of the official frame of it is still open which does not provide any protection from impact.

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Undoubtedly the design of the Galaxy A80 is the most innovative we’ve seen since the Oppo Find X. Both devices use a pop-up mechanism that makes the top of the device move. The completely screen design with no notches or holes is also very sexy. The experience of watching videos on the giant 6.7 ″ Galaxy A80 screen is different from the others. The device is still comfortable to use one hand despite its relatively large size. But at the same time there are concerns about the level of resistance of the mechanism if dropped and the space between the mechanisms that trap dust.

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