Legion Duel 2 Design

The Legion Duel 2 design of the device looks unique, but it is not as ergonomic as marketed. The back panel with the big hump in the middle looks weird because all the major components are in it along with the cooling fan with RGB lighting.

There are many control buttons all capacitive type with haptic effect. The back panel is also an additional control using touch controls.

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Usage And Software

This device uses software that is quite simple and lightweight. It is easy to operate and compact with a variety of attractive settings to make use as a gaming device more satisfying. It also lacks bloatware making the device quiet only when it is in use or while setting up the device.

Lots of audio and display controls are provided, as well as additional controls for primers such as changing fan speed, changing the color of the RGB lights on the fan and logo, or even having the ability to change the haptic engine on supported primers.

The settings on the display are also many, just a lot that mimics the iconic game that makes us think Lenovo has a license to use this design. There is also an interface and the menu is still not entirely English and still uses a foreign language.

Also built -in is support for direct tethering of game hardware controllers or accessories such as keyboards, mice, audio accessories and so on. The control of the settings on this device is at an advanced level raises the question mark who will buy this device will godek all or not?

The big problem is on the android update, because even though this device entered Amanz Labs a little late and runs the same version software as the unit sold in the local market, it doesn’t have the latest security patch update. Makes us hesitant to use or log in important accounts on this device.

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