I Was Disappointed With the Vivo V21

What I was disappointed with the Vivo V21 was that, despite being equipped with OIS on the front and rear cameras, it didn’t seem to help. The image still looks soft just like the camera of a device that only uses EIS. Hopefully in the next software update it will be fixed. Throughout use a lot feels as if Vivo relies on software alone. Indirectly, low -light mode images are not very pretty.

Ultra wide angle images are no problem at all on this device. It is capable of taking pictures with a clear point of view. But the color is not so flashy and looks like an edit only. But if there is enough light, the picture result is adequate.

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Audio Deficiency

The most frustrating thing on this fancy android is, it only uses mono speakers. It’s mono, there’s no 3.5mm audio jack. With mono speakers, the audio is unbalanced and will feel a little weird when watching videos, listening to music or playing the first.

But luckily, the speakers are loud enough and loud enough just with a flat audio profile. If you listen to pop songs, light songs or videos that focus a lot on vocals-the audio of this device is adequate. But it would be nice to have a pair of stereo speakers. Maybe this will only be offered on next year’s Vivo V22.


The 4000 mAh battery has no problem supplying power all day. At its lightest use it easily lasts for two days with another remaining balance of around 5%. In heavy use, SOT alone for 5 hours can be enjoyed. The heavy use here is a lot of using social media apps, streaming video, using cameras and running firsts. This medium -large battery takes around 60 minutes to fully charge via the 33W charger provided with each purchase.