Honor 50 Offer

If you want more options, Honor 50 offer in other colors such as Honor Code which this brand is no exception featuring variations to meet the needs of fashion -loving consumers. Then, there are also the colors Emerald Green and Midnight Black which highlight a more elegant and classic look.

Perhaps at first glance, some people think that the Honor 50 in our hands uses a material with a matte -based finish. It turned out to be a mistake, instead it was made entirely of shiny plastic material. This makes it a little slippery and easy to slip out of the grip of the hand – especially when the hands are wet or sweaty. At the same time, it also traps dirt too easily. But, it is not so bad that you have to always clean it regularly. However, in such situations, the use of a frame is highly recommended to ensure that no unwanted incidents occur on the Honor android. For example such as the risk of damage caused by your own negligence.

The Honor 50 has a dual-hump camera. One of them is matched with a giant lens. Meanwhile, another hump is loaded with three small lenses along with LED Flash. Honor Chess received a mixed reaction; and can even be said to be a hot topic discussed by most parties, including ourselves. It does look a bit weird and strange, but it’s still unique with different elements. Plus with the presence.

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Next, the design of the front panel shows that there is a small hole for the selfie camera. It can be found in the middle of the screen. For those who do not like its existence, the Hide Cutout option is available through the settings section. Still, what can we say, it will give a worse view due to the large black bars appearing. The quality of the screen displayed looks quite beautiful, bright, clear; and vibrant through the use of a 6.57-inch OLED FHD+ (2340 x 1080 pixels) panel.

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